Connect with Census

In addition to a fantastic program of diverse and interesting presentations, Census | beyond the count will also offer attendees the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with Census and ABS experts.

The Connect with Census area is a dedicated space where attendees can meet with Census and ABS staff to ask questions, seek advice, interact with products and provide feedback. The area will be in action from the start of morning tea through to the end of afternoon tea on both days.

Census and ABS representatives will include staff with expertise in:

 Geography and ASGS
 Census data items
 2016 Census

Connect with Census
will also offer a direct connection to the services and support for the 2011 Census, including Census Information Consultancy, Census Public Relations and the National Information Referral Service. There will also be an opportunity for attendees to meet and greet the managers of various components of the Census program.

In addition to Census and statistics experts, the Connect with Census space will also provide the opportunity for attendees to meet the web designers who working on making Census data and other ABS statistics more accessible, interesting and engaging through the use of innovative design and data visualisation.  Our social networking guru will also be on hand to help you get up and running on Twitter, and to demonstrate the ways that ABS is using blogs and other social media to connect with Australia.

The micro-program for Connect with Census is currently being developed - keep an eye on this page for updates.