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Census | beyond the count will provide delegates with the opportunity to meet one on one with key Census experts as part of our Connect with Census area. Some of the key experts include:

Patrick Corr
Patrick studied Statistics and Demography at Macquarie University, and has worked with the ABS for 30 years in various demography, labour and population statistics roles in Sydney and Canberra. A member of several national and international professional associations, Patrick was recently elected President of the Australian Population Association.  

Patrick will be on hand to chat about Australia’s future population, and the role of the ABS in informing Australia’s population futures.

SEIFA (Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas)
Jeff Wright and Peter Radisich
SEIFA is a series of four measures, created from Census data which summaries different aspects of the socioeconomic conditions of people in that geography area. These indexes allow you to see how disadvantaged an area is, compares with other areas in Australia.

Jeff has worked at the ABS Central Office in Canberra for the past six years, working on several research projects in the Analytical Services Branch with most time spent on probabilistic data linking.  For the past six months, Jeff has taken on the role of managing the SEIFA project.

Peter has worked at the ABS for the past three years in Analytical Services Branch. He has spent most of this time working on SEIFA, and was part of the team that produced the 2006 SEIFA indexes.

Jeff and Peter will be in the Connect with Census area can answer any questions about the potential uses of SEIFA.

Alister Nairn and Marcus Blake
Alister joined ABS in 2006 as Director of Geography after working with Geoscience Australia and its predecessors on numerous surveying, GIS, and mapping projects as well as a few years in spatial information policy. Since joining ABS he has been intimately involved with completing the development of Mesh Blocks, the development of the ASGS and supporting the Census and other parts of ABS.

Marcus joined the ABS after initially training and working at working at Leeds University. He has been involved in address coding support for the 2006 Census and for the past 4 years as Assistant Director Geography involved in implementing changes resulting from decision to adopt the ASGS for the 2011 Census.

Alister and Marcus will be available in the Connect with Census area to give you and overview of the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) and to answer any questions you may have.

Census TableBuilder
Jo Prezzi
Jo Prezzi is the Project Manager for the data systems aspect of the 2011 Census Output Program. Jo will be in the Connect with Census area to guide you through a few of the tips and tricks for TableBuilder and describe what's coming for 2011.  

Census Client Education and Support
Emily Walter
Emily is the manager of the Census Client Education and Support team.  Emily joined the ABS in November last year, however she has over 6 years experience in Census between 1999 and 2005.

Emily has extensive experience building and interrogating databases and will be available in the Connect with Census area to show you just how powerful Census data is.



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