Get to know the Census a little better

In addition to our expert staff who will be running workshops, attendees at Census | beyond the count will also have the chance to meet some of our key Census staff during the Census one-on-one sessions. These sessions will run for half-an-hour each and will be held in the Connect with Census area during the break periods.

Our experts, and the times they'll be available, are :

Margaret Sherley, ABS Census Data Analyst

10:30am Thursday, 3pm Friday

Margaret is the manager of the Census Analysis team, which will be writing analytical articles using 2011 Census data.  She has worked in several roles within the Census program over the past 4 years and prior to that worked in the ABS Health and Disability area.
Ros Harvie, 2016 Census
12:30pm, Thursday and Friday

Ros is the manager of the 2016 Census team, which was established in late 2009 to start looking at future directions. She joined the ABS a year before the 2001 Census and has worked on a diverse range of census projects over the last decade.  You can catch up with Ros at 12:30 on Thursday and Friday.

Paul Lowe, Head of Population Census

1pm Thursday

Paul Lowe is the Head of the Australian Population Census program and is responsible for all aspects of the program from enumeration through to the dissemination of the results.  He has over 20 years experience in census taking in Australia and has worked in all areas of the program including the role of Executive Director of the Census Data Processing Centre.
He has also worked as a census technical advisor for the National Statistical Offices in PNG, Timor-Leste, Vietnam, and Thailand.  He is also a member of the International Technical Advisory Boards for both the Afghanistan and Iraq censuses.
He was the principle editor of the UN publication "Handbook on Census Management for Population and Housing Censuses" and has presented many training courses on census management in developing countries.

Alan Wong, Census Products and Services

3pm Thursday and 10:30am Friday

Alan Wong is Director of Population Census Products and Services. Alan studied Statistics at Victoria University and Social Sciences at Curtin University during which time he completed a dissertation on transitional impacts of gentrification using Census data. Alan has worked with the ABS for more than 10 years in various statistics roles including the Remote ABS Data Laboratory, Census Data Enhancement, Census Processing. Come meet Alan at 3:00pm on Thursday and 10:30am on Friday

Michelle Howe, Census PR Director

1pm Friday

Michelle's marketing and communication career spans years primarily in the public sector, in both Queensland and Canberra. In Brisbane, she worked for the Queensland branch of the Australian Medical Association, before taking up positions with a number of Queensland Government departments. She held  marketing, communication and media roles at the Office of Fair Trading, the Department of Communities, and Queensland Transport. She moved to Canberra to lead and manage the external communication activities of the Child Support Agency within the Department of Human Services. Michelle joined the Australian Bureau of Statistics in March 2010, where she is the Director of Census Public Relations, responsible for leading the development and implementation of the 2011 Census communication and public relations campaign. She holds a degree in Creative bertWriting Production.



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