Keynote speakers

Dr Cassandra Goldie - Tracking Trends: The role of the Census in changing the debate, and people’s lives

We are delighted that Cassandra Goldie, CEO of ACOSS, will be the keynote speaker on Day Two of Census | beyond the count.

Cassandra has had an extensive career in the human rights and community service sector in Australia and internationally.

Prior to her appointment at ACOSS, Cassandra was the Director of the Sex and Age Discrimination Unit at the Australian Human Rights Commission where she played a pivotal role in the Inquiry into the Sex Discrimination Act, Pay Equity, national homelessness legislation, reforms to corporate governance to promote women in leadership and decision making roles, and the campaign to achieve Paid Parental Leave.

Cassandra has previously been the Director of the Homelessness Legal Rights Project at UNSW, a consultant to UN Habitat, Senior Executive with Legal Aid in Western Australia and Executive Officer of the Darwin Community Legal Service for five years.

Cassandra has also been President of NTCOSS and Board Member of ACOSS (2001-2002) and was an ACOSS Law and Justice Policy Advisor (2000-2006).

We're looking forward to Cassandra's thoughts on how the Census is making a difference to social issues across Australia.


Bernard Salt - The stories behind the numbers

We are pleased to announce Bernard Salt, demographer and trend forecaster, will be the keynote speaker on Day One of Census | beyond the count.

Bernard is a best-selling author of three popular books on demographic change. He is a columnist with The Australian and Melbourne Herald Sun newspapers. He is a Partner with KPMG and heads a group of researchers providing demographic advice to business.

Bernard is also one of Australia's most quoted social commentators. He is a regular on many radio and television programs including Sunrise, Today Tonight, A Current Affair and many others.

Bernard is a compelling and entertaining speaker, who manages to combine an astute observation of human behaviour and change with hard data. We are certain that you will enjoy his opening presentation at Census | beyond the count .


Plenary Speakers

Ivan Motley - Inform, Persuade, Engage – Census is Sexy!

We are pleased to announce that Ivan Motley, Founding Director of .id, as one of our afternoon plenary presenters on Friday 4 March.

Ivan has worked for 25 years in housing and infrastructure policy and research in the public and private sector. He is the founder of .id (informed decisions), which has for 14 years, developed and delivered on-line demographic information tools specifically for local government. These tools have become the industry standard in Australia for maximising the use of Census data in local government decision making and are used by over 200 councils across all states in Australia. Recently .id has also successfully implemented these tools for local government in New Zealand.

In Ivan's presentation 'Inform, Persuade, Engage – Census is Sexy!' he will talk about how managing the processes population change requires a reality check as to where and when things are happening – not to mention the magnitude of change that is occurring. The Census provides us with the most compelling evidence base to ensure we are making good investment decisions to achieve fair and equitable community outcomes – particularly regarding access to housing and services that form the basis of equitable and sustainable communities. This presentation is the story of how the team at .id have added value to Census data to provide local government with compelling evidence on which to base their decisions.

Catherine Caruana-McManus - Smarter Census

Census | beyond the count is pleased to announce Catherine Caruana-McManus, Smarter Cities Executive for IBM, as one of our afternoon plenary presenters on Friday 4 March.

Catherine Caruana-McManus is responsible for advising organisations for sustainable and intelligent urban eco-systems across water, education, infrastructure, transport, health and energy use in the built environment.

Catherine has over 20 years experience across the digital media, communication, geo-spatial and urban development sectors.

Prior to joining IBM in 2006, Catherine held senior executive roles for MC2 Consulting, PMP Ltd and Telstra.

Some of her most notable projects being the founding member of the first real estate portal in Australia and White Pages OnlineTM, the planning for the 2000 Sydney Olympics and planning for the roll-out of Australia's first mobile and broadband networks.

Catherine is a NSW Committee Member for the Australian Information Industry Association as well as currently involved in a number of industry based smarter cities initiatives. Catherine has university qualifications in urban planning, economics and market research.

In her presentation Catherine will discuss the idea of the 'Smarter' Census and the opportunities that exist to harness the power of technology to enable more automated data collection and intelligence to be added to the data for better decision making about the future of our nation by both public and private sectors.


Lara Wilde - Local Intelligence: Taking statistics and what the Locals know and using it to welcome the world

Census | beyond the count are happy to welcome Lara Wilde, Rural Ambassador and founder of Local Intelligence, as one of our afternoon plenary presenters on Friday 4 March.

Born in Atherton, North Queensland, Lara has lived her entire life throughout rural and regional Australia. After leaving school, Lara enrolled to study university externally while working throughout rural and regional Australia in numerous roles.

In 2006 Lara wrote ‘Welcome to the Bush’, a simple guide to rural and regional communities for people who have never been out of the city or who are from another county. This work has since been embraced by both tree changers and immigrants alike.

It is Lara’s aim to move, touch and inspire people about the opportunity and possibility for the rural and regional Australia using Local Intelligence to provide everything they need to live a life they love in the bush.

In her presentation ‘Local Intelligence: Taking statistics and what the Locals know and using it to welcome the world’, Lara will talk about how Local Intelligence takes strong factual data by reputable sources such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics and combines that with locally sourced stories and information to provide a simple, easy to use, central source of Local Intelligence to guide your business or family when choosing a life in rural or regional Australia.