About NatStats

25 February 2010 09:30:37

The NatStats 2010 Conference will be held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, on 15-17 September 2010.

NatStats 2010 will bring together an array of leaders and high profile commentators, researchers and policy makers from all levels of government, academia, community and business. The Conference will build on the success of the first NatStats Conference held in 2008, where around 480 delegates attended. A major outcome of the 2008 Conference was the tabling of a statistical declaration to guide the development of a national statistics strategy for Australia in the 21st century.

NatStats 2010 will aim to build on the enthusiasm and passion generated by delegates at NatStats08 and will provide an ideal opportunity to profile your brand to some of Australia’s leading policy and decision makers.

NatStats 2010 will offer delegates an opportunity to:

1. Explore the impact of expected demographic, environmental and global economic change and their implications forgovernance, policy, productivity and the well-being of Australia's urban and rural communities.
2. Identify the improvements needed in our national statistical system to understand and respond to these challenges.
3. Identify improvements needed in the current statistical frameworks for measuring progress and development to ensureAustralians’ wellbeing.

The NatStats Conference was initiated to assist in the development of a collaborative approach to national statistics. It focuses on various issues surrounding quantitative and qualitative research, which have been highlighted by key government initiatives. The biennial conference is also a significant event in the systematic development of Australia’s National Statistical Service (NSS).

About the National Statistical Service (NSS)

The National Statistical Service is the community of government agencies building a rich statistical picture of Australia’s economy, society and the environment.

The NSS initiative is being led by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) as part of the ABS mission to increase the use and understanding of statistical information.

Through the NSS, the ABS aims to provide a unified source of statistical information that can be used to inform debate, policy making and evaluation.

For further information on the NSS, visit http://www.nss.gov.au