Program and Papers

28 May 2010 11:00:00

What The Program will cover?

The conference program has been designed with policy and decision makers in mind. Hear a range of speakers from overseas organisations, senior staff from government departments across all jurisdictions, academia and community organisations.

The program is divided into the following main themes:

1. Challenges facing Australian Society: Issues, Policy and Information
2. Australia in the Global Economy
3. Improving Australians' Wellbeing; and
4. Measuring Progress: Improving the Measurement of Progress.

There will also be showcase sessions that will demonstrate Information Platforms and State Planning Initiatives.

Day One: Thursday 16 September 2010

The Conference will open with a plenary address by Dr Ken Henry AC on “Challenges facing Australian Society: Issues, Policy and Information”. A series of concurrent sessions will follow around the theme "Is Productivity the Key to Future Wellbeing?” These sessions will address three of the key areas for driving improved productivity: “Policy, Finance and Productivity”, “Productivity - Innovation & Technology ”, and “Productivity - Labour, Education & Skills ”.

The afternoon session will continue the economic/productivity theme with a plenary session on the topic “Australia in the Global Economy”. This will be followed by a series of concurrent sessions around the theme “Global Impacts – Local Responses” and will include such topics as “Future of International Trade and Investment in Australia”, “Sustainable Communities in a Global Context” and “Immigration, Ageing and the Changing Population”.

Day Two: Friday 17 September 2010

The Plenary and Concurrent sessions for the morning of day two, will address the theme "Improving Australians' Wellbeing". Three concurrent sessions will emphasise collaborative delivery across all levels of Government and Community based organisations on the topics of “Measuring for a Healthy Nation”, “Measuring Disadvantage, Inequality, and Social Inclusion”, and “Measuring Outcomes for Indigenous Australia”.

The final afternoon session on the second day will involve a plenary presentation and subsequent panel discussion on "Measuring Progress: Improving the measurement of progress". The intention is to build on current international debate, as illustrated by the recent "Stiglitz Commission" Report, on the need to adapt national statistical frameworks to better reflect the multi-dimensional character of economic performance and well-being.      

NatStats 2010 Program