Anh Do

2 August 2010 09:11:28 AM

Image:Anh Do

The story begins in the Indian Ocean - 1980. An 8 metre fishing boat with 47 Vietnamese Refugees cramped in like sardines. A two year old boy is sick from de-hydration, his desperate mother can do nothing to help him - water ran out days ago, and so far one person has died. Fast forward to Australia - 2008. The little boy is 30 years old and has been voted Comedian of the Year. He is recognized by kids and adults alike who call out jokes they've heard on Rove Live, Thank God You're Here and Dancing With the Stars. He's entertained, motivated and inspired thousands and thousands at corporate events in Australia and throughout the world. From language difficulties to divorcing parents, from being broke to being bullied, from becoming a lawyer to becoming Comedian of the Year… Anh uses all his life's experiences to lift an audience to great heights of inspired motivation.

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