Dr Sharleen Forbes

13 August 2010 09:04:21

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Dr Sharleen Forbes, General Manager, Statistical Education & Research, Statistics New Zealand.  Adjunct professor in Official Statistics, School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington.

My PhD, in statistics education from Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Australia was on the topic of ‘Measuring Students’ Education Outcomes: Sex and Ethnic Differences in Mathematics’ and led to me co-sharing a plenary session with Prof Gila Hanna at the Mathematics.  Education into the 21st Century conference in Jordan in November 2000, and being the Bevan Werry Memorial Speaker at the New Zealand Mathematics.  Association conference in 2001.For a number of years I convened a small collective of women (EIME – Equity in Mathematics Education) that included Associate Professor Megan Clark and Thora Blithe of Victoria University, Wellington and  published several New Zealand based reports such as 'Mathematics for All' and ‘The Testing of Girls in Mathematics’.

My work career has spanned stints in operations research; university statistics lecturing; secondary school teaching; biometrics; as a government researcher and policy manager and then in senior management at Statistics Education where I now work half-time. The other half of my time is spent as Adjunct Professor of Official Statistics at Victoria University, Wellington. I have been an active education subcommittee member and convener, committee member and past President of the New Zealand Statistical Association. I was recently honoured to become a life member and Campbell Award recipient of this association.  I am also a member of IASE, IAOS, an elected member of ISI and have recently become a member of the ISI Committee on  Women in Statistics.

My research interests include:
Analysis and presentation of official statistics
Creation of longitudinal or lifetime indices
Methods for confidentialysing and integrating government data sets
Ways of enhancing statistical literacy
Measurement of education outcomes, the impact of assessment form on
Achievement and of sex and ethnic differences in achievement
Official statistics education.

A mother of four adult children.  Recreational pursuits include reading
Science Fantasy, knitting, gardening, swimming, biking and trekking.

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