Professor Graeme Hugo

23 April 2010 10:43:30 AM

Image:Professor Graeme Hugo

Graeme HUGO
is ARC Australian Professorial Fellow, Professor of the Department of Geographical and Environmental Studies and Director of the National Centre for Social Applications of Geographic Information Systems at the University of Adelaide.  

His research interests are in population issues in Australia and South East Asia, especially migration. His books include Australia’s Changing Population (Oxford University Press), The Demographic Dimension in Indonesian Development (with T. H. Hull, V. J. Hull and G. W. Jones, Oxford University Press), International Migration Statistics: Guidelines for Improving Data Collection Systems (with A.S. Oberai, H. Zlotnik and R. Bilsborrow, International Labour Office), Worlds in Motion: Understanding International Migration at Century’s End (with D. S. Massey, J. Arango, A Kouaouci, A. Pellegrino and J. E. Taylor, Oxford University Press), several of the 1986, 1991 and 1996 census based Atlas of the Australian People Series (AGPS), Australian Immigration: A Survey of the Issues (with M. Wooden, R. Holton and J. Sloan, AGPS), New Forms of Urbanisation: Beyond the Urban-Rural Dichotomy (with A. Champion, Ashgate) and Australian Census Analytic Program: Australia’s Most Recent Immigrants (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

In 2002 he secured an ARC Federation Fellowship over five years for his research project, "The new paradigm of international migration to and from Australia: dimensions, causes and implications".  His recent research has focused on migration and development, environment and migration and migration policy. In 2009 he was awarded an ARC Australian Professorial Fellowship over five years for his research project “Circular migration in Asia, the Pacific and Australia: Empirical, theoretical and policy dimensions”.

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