Mr Clem Doherty

27 August 2010 11:10:42 AM

Image:Mr Clem Doherty

Mr Clem Doherty is an investor in start-up technology based businesses. He  is Chairman of Like Minded Individuals, a Director of Swimming Australia Ltd.  and NBN Co.
He is a member of the Australian Statistical Advisory Council (ASAC) and an Advisory Board member of Network Insight, the Centre for Policy Development and the Australian Innovation Research Centre (University of Tasmania). Prior Board roles include Buildsite LLC, Australian Business Foundation, Australian Coalition of Service Industries (ACSI), Australian Bush Heritage  and Roar Film & Roar Educate [Chairman]. Prior Advisory Board roles include NOIE (Deputy Chairman), Australian Information Economy Advisory Council and XT3.
He was a member of the Australian Government's Higher Education Review Committee and a member of the Knowledge Nation Taskforce. He retired as a Director of McKinsey & Company, where he led the Asia-Pacific Telecommunications, Electronics, Media and Multimedia Sector, was co-leader of the Global Telecommunications Sector, and a member of the Asia Pacific Board.
Mr Doherty holds a BSc.BE  (UNSW), and an MBA from Stanford University.

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