Mr Dan Paull

29 July 2010 14:27:11

Image:Mr Dan Paull

Dan Paull is the Chief Executive Officer of PSMA Australia Limited, an unlisted public company limited by shares and owned by the States, Territories and Australian Government. It is a powerful and effective means for collaboration between the governments of Australia.

The company is the authoritative supplier of location and mapping data of the Australian continent that can be found virtually everywhere including in Google Maps and Bing Maps, Nokia phones, Navman and other personal and in-car navigation devices and numerous government entities including the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Department of Human Services, Australia Post and the Australian Electoral Commission.

Dan Paull was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of PSMA Australia in 2001 following its incorporation. Since that time he has been focused on strengthening and streamlining the relationship networks and the technical infrastructure necessary to build and maintain these essential national information data products. Under his direction, PSMA Australia has been able to establish its credentials internationally and deliver to Australia processes and products that are the envy of the world. He was recently awarded the 2009 Spatial Professional of the Year in recognition for ‘outstanding performance and service to the spatial profession’.  

Dan is recognised internationally as an authority on multi-jurisdictional Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) and the automation of complex location-based information supply-chains. His natural aptitude for relationship management has contributed to numerous collaborative successes including the development of Australia’s leading geocoded address product and a strategic relationship with the government mapping agencies of Europe through Eurogeographics.

Dan has an Executive MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor of Surveying degree with honours from the University of New South Wales.  He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Member of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute.

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