Mr Richard Neville

27 July 2010 03:46:06 PM

Image:Mr Richard Neville

Richard Neville
has been involved with challenging and changing the ways we think ever since his student days in the sixties, when he launched the magazine Oz and ended up in jail.

In the 80’s he took his instinct for anticipating social change to a mass TV audience on the Mike Walsh Show, where he warned viewers that nature was in retreat and computers would change the world.

In 1995, Richard became a full time futurist. He has helped numerous organizations develop foresight and get a feel for what lies ahead.  “It’s not brain surgery, he says, “because the future leaves its footprints in the sand. It’s just a matter of decoding the clues”.

In the 21st century, both the promise and the perils of the future continue to multiply – peak oil, peak water, peak soil, peak wars … peak everything. The food gets finer, even as the fish disappear, sea levels rise and asylum speakers head for our shores. Is civilisation is approaching the end game? Richard remains optimistic. “If Aussie beer can become carbon neutral” he says, “then so can our cities”.

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