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30 September 2011 10:36:54 AM

On behalf of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and the National Statistical Service (NSS), welcome to the NatStats 2010 Conference website.

It is an exciting time for those of us with an interest in policy reform, the global economic climate, business administration, sustainability and the opportunities that surround a more collaborative approach to statistics. NatStats 2010 will build on the enthusiasm and passion generated throughout the last NatStats conference held in November 2008. The conference will also provide a unique opportunity for key stakeholders from across the statistical community to help build a strong and vibrant National Statistical Service in Australia.

NatStats 2010 Conference

The 2010 NatStats conference will be held from the 15-17 September 2010, at Sydney’s Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour.

The overall theme for NatStats 2010 is "Measuring what counts: economic development, wellbeing and progress in 21st century Australia", which will explore drivers of economic and related social change that are shaping Australia's future development. The conference themes will focus on the information required to understand current trends and develop a relevant and effective public policy response.

An exciting program is being designed with policy and decision makers in mind. Senior staff from policy departments, academia, community organisations and the private sector as well as key international speakers will be invited to help in developing a strategic perspective.

As a participant at the NatStats 2010 Conference, you will contribute to the effective use of better, broader and more comparable information. Improving the NSS will allow better monitoring of government services, improve access to and use made of data by the wider community, and reduce overall costs for the provision of government information services.

We look forward to your involvement at this significant national event.

Ian Ewing

Ian Ewing
Chair, NatStats 2010 Board
Deputy Australian Statistician
Australian Bureau of Statistics

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