Professor John Taylor

18 August 2010 11:31:04

Image:Professor John Taylor

Professor John Taylor is Director of the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR) at the Australian National University and Adjunct Professor and Policy Associate of the Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium (International) at The University of Western Ontario, Canada.  His disciplinary background is in geography and population studies. From 1976 to 1986 he held various university research and teaching positions in Botswana and Nigeria before joining The Australian National University's North Australia Research Unit in Darwin. He was appointed to CAEPR in 1991 and became Professor and Director of the Centre in 2010. For the past 25 years his main research interest has been the measurement of demographic change among Indigenous peoples and assessment of their economic status at varying scales of analysis from the local to the regional and national Increasingly, this has involved international comparison with Indigenous peoples in North America and New Zealand .

His books include Indigenous Peoples and Population Mobility in Australasia and North America (with M. Bell, Routledge), Social Indicators for Aboriginal Governance (ANU E Press) Indigenous People and the Pilbara Mining Boom (with B. Scambary, ANU E Press), Indigenous Peoples in Remote Regions: A Global Perspective (with K. Coates, Thunder Bay) and Immigration and its Labour Market Impact in the Northern Territory, AGPS). He has also published widely in journals including the International Migration Review, Journal of Population Research, Social Indicators Research, Australian Geographer, Professional Geographer, International Journal of Population Geography, Area, Agenda, Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, Urban Policy and Research, Journal of Sociology, Economic Papers, and Australian Aboriginal Studies, as well as producing numerous book chapters for Australian and international presses and policy reports to government, industry and Indigenous organisations.

A feature of his research over the years has been a close collaboration with the Australian Bureau of Statistics on analyses of Indigenous data. This has resulted in several monographs including Aboriginal People in the Northern Territory (ABS cat no. 4107.7), A Social Atlas of Darwin (ABS cat. no. 2501.7) and Employment Outcomes for Indigenous Australians (ABS cat. no. 4199.0), as well as two ANU E Press Monographs on Indigenous census enumeration (Making Sense of the Census and Agency, Contingency and Census Process). Presently, ABS is collaborating in population survey work in North East Arnhem Land.

In 2007 he was awarded three year funding from the Ministerial Council for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs to establish the CAEPR Indigenous Population Project examining the dynamics and policy implications of regional Indigenous population change. This project has now been approved for a further three years. In 2008, Professor Taylor was appointed expert advisor to the Board of Review of the Northern Territory Emergency Response, from 2006-2010 he was a member of the ABS Advisory Group on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statistics. Presently, he is a Board member of the Closing the Gap Clearinghouse.

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