Professor Jonathan West

5 July 2010 01:40:21 PM

Image:Professor Jonathan West

Professor Jonathan West is founding Director of the Australian Innovation Research Centre, at the University of Tasmania. Prior to his current appointment, Professor West spent 18 years at Harvard University, where he was Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Business Administration.

Professor West’s research focuses on understanding the roots of superior performance in innovation systems, particularly in the fields of agribusiness, the life sciences, and biotechnology. He was formerly faculty director of the Harvard Life Sciences Project, a multi-faculty university initiative to understand the economic dynamics of the ongoing revolution in biology. He is the author of a detailed study of advanced technology development in US and Japanese semiconductor companies, and has studied the technology development strategies of leading electronics firms in the US, Japan, Europe, Korea, and Taiwan.

West has served as a consultant to and board member of major corporations around the world and as an advisor to several governments, particularly in the fields of agribusiness and life sciences.  His doctoral and masters degrees are from Harvard University, and he holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in the history and philosophy of science from the University of Sydney. His research has appeared in many scholarly journals and several books.

Professor West now lives with his wife Susan and daughter Eliane on their family farm overlooking the Freycinet Peninsula on the East Coast of Tasmania.

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