Terms of Use

30 June 2010

The following rules apply to the use of this forum. Users are required to agree to comply with these terms and conditions. To ensure compliance, activities are logged and reviewed by system administrators.

Inappropriate Use

Users must not make inappropriate use of this workspace.  Inappropriate use includes:

  • the introduction of any
  • information or material not related to the purpose of this facility
  • material infringing the Link to external websiteCopyright Act 1968
  • material of an offensive nature by normal community standards
  • material which may defame, harass, distress or inconvenience any other person, or
  • material which brings this service or the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) into disrepute

Action, which may include withdrawal of access, will be taken in regard to inappropriate use of this facility.


Information in this forum directly or indirectly identifying individuals or organisations is subject to the protections of the ABS website privacy statement.

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