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10 August 2010  simply stats 

We rely on those statistics being visible, accessible and robust, and we rely on statistically literate people making best use of the information to determine our future action, presenting clear and convincing arguments and developing 'evidence-based policy' to guide our decision making.

You do not have to be an expert at maths to work with statistics. Statistical literacy is not about being adept at formulating or understanding the methodology behind the numbers. Rather, it is the ability to interpret the numbers and communicate the information contained therein effectively.  

However, an increased use of statistics does not automatically lead to an increased understanding of statistics. In this information-rich age, it is important for individuals to be independent, critical thinkers, and statistical literacy is fundamental to achieving this.

This blog will provide regular updates to help you keep informed about new ABS releases as well as other national and international statistical releases.  We will also provide tips and resources to assist you to understand this information more effectively.  

We look forward to getting your feedback and hearing your thoughts on what other information and resources you'd find useful as well.  

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