Make the most of Census data

As part of Census | beyond the count we will be featuring a series of ABS run workshops titled Empowering the Census to help you get the most out of Census data. These workshops are included in the registration and to make sure that you can still see your desired concurrents they will be presented on both days.

The workshops are:
  • Understanding the new geography - this session will provide illustrations and answers to many of the common question surrounding the new geography and provide an opportunity for attendees to ask their own questions.
  • Tips and tricks for TableBuilder - you will be guided through an interactive demonstration of how you can use TableBuilder to suit your unique data needs.
  • Demystifying SEIFA - understand what SEIFA  is and the context for when it should and should not be used.
  • Australia's future population - where are we going? - this session will explain the role of the ABS in providing evidence to inform debate, discussion and decision making, and how to use population projections in an informed way.
  • Unearthing the diamonds of Census data - attendees of this session will learn how to find the data and develop ideas about how to use it.  

To find out more information on these workshops please visit the presentations page. For the times that they will be presented please view the program.



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