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      CPI review blog

      Caley Forrest  6 May 2010 12:51:39
      In recent months we've been talking to people around Australia about the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to seek your views on the issues raised in our CPI Review and to hear how you use the CPI.

      Much of the feedback has been positive and there have been many constructive suggestions on how the ABS can maintain the relevance of the CPI and improve it into the future.

      The CPI seems to be doing a pretty good job as a general measure of inflation and is used for many purposes.  A number of issues have been identified in the public discussion forums and the submissions we've received.  Some key areas of interest have been the possibility of a monthly CPI and whether the current range of statistics meets emerging community needs.  For example, some users have noted the CPI does not represent the full living costs of different sub-populations in the community.

      We are currently weighing up all of these issues and are continuing to discuss these issues with users of the CPI.

      What do you think about these issues? Have your say, how could we improve the CPI?

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