Image:Mr Brian Pink

Brian Pink took up his appointment as Australian Statistician on Monday, 5 March 2007.

His career in official statistics is a long one, starting in Australia with the then Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics in Sydney in 1966. Over the intervening years his career has taken him to Canberra then to Perth, back to Canberra and, most recently, to Wellington where he was Government Statistician and Chief Executive of Statistics New Zealand from late October 2000 to 2 March 2007.

He is Chairman of the OECD Committee on Statistics, Chair of the Statistics Committee of ESCAP and Vice Chair of the United Nations Statistical Commission. Back home he is an ex officio member of the Australian Statistics Advisory Council and an Australian Electoral Commissioner.

Brian is passionate about the importance of the role of official statistics in society. While government use is one very important purpose, he reminds us that open access to official statistics provides businesses and citizens with a window on the work and performance of government itself. To this end, Brian has been instrumental in championing a significant information management transformation program to prepare the ABS, the NSS and the international statistical community to meet the growing challenges of providing information, which will be needed by policy makers, government and businesses in the future.

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